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to iPhone or not?

As the world knows…

Verizon has acquired the iPhone!

I have been on #TeamBlackBerry for almost 2 years now! I love love love it! In the past few months, my vision has been trippin’! I think because I’m straining to view everything under the sun on my tiny Bold screen!!

Also, I must admit that I suffer from app envy!! Friends with Android, HTC and iPhones have every kind of app! They seem to be better developed, more fun and a wider array of choices! This is very curious to me! Blackberry is tried and true and been around for so many years! Why wouldn’t they have and/or offer more apps?

There’s so much to decide! 3G or 4G? Standard Insurance or Apple Care? 16GB or 32GB? Please leave your input to help in my decision!!