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Fear the Flock!!

I’m not afraid of too many things, I can stomach alot! Flocks of BIRDS? Mmmhmm, yea…insert anxiety!

Not sure how it started, but I have realized my fear in my adult life. I’m ok with one bird, two birds, maybe even three. But when there’s a flock of them, forget it.

As a child, I always wondered where the birds went at night. You rarely see a bird at night! Several years ago I learned that ALL the crows of California go to sleep at DISNEYLAND. I remember it as if it were yesterday! My sister and I were in line to get popcorn at dusk. The whole sky turned black and constant cawing of crows was deafening. I was scared. I had to get away. I had to seek shelter.

In the past two days, 2 separate friends saw/encountered flocks of their own. Of course they HAD TO share. Luckily, pictures do not scare me. Thanks for sharing Rebekah and Jennifer!