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Tomorrow I embark on a new adventure. I should be excited but, I’m not.

What’s the problem? Atychiphobia, fear of failure!! I bought a boot camp package on Living Social. Tomorrow will be my first session. Perhaps fear of the unknown is a part of it. I believe my brain is my biggest roadblock.

I know FOR A FACT, that once I conquer it, I will be excited. I just need to know that I CAN do it. For example, I’ve always said that I can’t run. And now I jog. I told C that I COULDN’T hike up the steep, unstable and rocky hill. With his support and cheer leading, I conquered it!! I am my own worst enemy!!

Wish me luck…



prepare to fail?


Who likes failure? In most cases, we do all we can to avoid failure!

Recently, I’ve been given a new assignment at work!! An assignment that I have NO PROBLEM taking on, it just takes preparation and organization.  Hmmm..lets see, I have until Tuesday! I have already been doing things at home to get ready.  I have asked for some things that I NEED to get ready. It has been with held.  I was told to come in on Saturday and get it.  Long, holiday weekend? Ummm, no!!

Here’s my thing! If you have what I need, why not give it to me? It’s real simple! But do not expect me to give 110% but not give me a good crack at it! 

I do everything that is asked of me and MORE. A class list is a simple request! I need that to do a seating chart, get folders ready, line order, name tags for the desk, etc.  It may seem like something petty, but it is driving me bananas.

Trust, I need to have a sit down tomorrow! Good thing I will have calmed down by then!