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New and Improved!


I’m alive!

Been working on me!

About 2 months, eating healthy and exercising! Down 18 pounds!!

Still a work in progress! Motivation is key! I have my eyes on the big picture!



Adventures in Cardio!

I tend to get a little bored with the same regime! I’m trying to find new ways to keep it fun!

A new endeavor! A walk on the wild side. Err, I mean ride! Daughters of Apathy, sister chapter to Sons of Apathy! This Exercise Bike Gang is truly on the rise! Unlike our founding father, I have to visit the gym to get my EB on! But I plan to continue! I vow to hit the streets on my bike as well!

Coming to a city near you…


Bikini Body Summerville, USA

So, the last week and a half or so, I have fallen off the healthy train to Bikini Body Summerville!! Sound familiar? This time around, I seem to keep losing my focus!

I have set a new goal to lose 10lbs. If I do, I will get _______! But I can’t think of what that _______ should be!! It has to be something I reallllly want and will work my butt off to work toward!!!

I can’t think, any ideas?