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Won’t happen to ME!


Growing up, I had a friend who’s boyf put hands on her. I remember saying, “shiiieeet, I’d NEVER let that happen to me!”

Well guess what? It did!

I was in a very UNhealthy relationship. I dealt with alot of verbal abuse, got physically pushed around and knocked down. I allowed it! In my head, being with him was better than nothing. It took me quite a while to figure out that this WAS not the case.

The last straw, you ask!? Being punched in side of my head (cheekish earrish area) like I was a dude. His family saw it go down and did NOTHING!! Hell yea, I fought back! Didn’t do too much damage, but I did what I could. After all was said and done, I played my cards right, drove away from him AND that relationship!!

Now, I have enough self worth to know that I will not accept that BS in my life. I do not blame anyone. I made the choice to stick around. I made the choice to settle. Now I choose to be happy…

I can really say, “It won’t happen to me ever again!”