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Good Luck Charli!


Last April, I took my class on a field trip to PetCo! I fell in love with a baby guinea pig that had 27 cow licks in her hair. Worst hair day pig in the whole bunch. But I loved her. She was up for adoption. $30 bucks and we could take her back to school.

Now, all I had to do was convince our Director that we NEEDED this new addition to our family. I found an old cage and cleaned it all up. A fancy tri-level abode for my new princess!! She finally agreed and went to pick her up.

I have loved and cared for her ever since! I’ve taken her home on long weekends, bought her treats, taught the kids how to care for her, etc. She loves me too, when I come near the cage she squeaks and squeals her little heart out. Charli loved to be held and brushed! She’s a good little pig!!

The last month or so, I’ve been helping a another school. I brought Charli home, in hopes that I could bring her to the new school.

Nope!! One of the teachers, those we don’t speak of, is so nosey and such a busy body, she doesn’t like the fact that I have the guinea pig. So I had to send her back to that school where only one person in a staff of 10, likes animals.

That’s BS!! If the cage wasn’t so expensive, I would offer to pay them to keep her. I’m so sad…