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Verizon Vent!!

Last week, my iPhone was stolen.  I had NO insurance.  Luckily, I have a new BlackBerry Bold that I used previously.  I turned that one on, but I am less than satisfied.

First off, I was just upset that I had to downgrade.  But then, I’m noticing substandard service.  So, I work it out and head to the Verizon Wireless Store to get my new phone.

Soon enough, I’m met with several roadblocks…

*The iPhone 4, 16g is retired.

*I have to ORDER the 4s 16g, and it takes up to 2 weeks.

*They will NOT change the shipping address.  I cannot receive packages at my current address.  The front gate stays locked, and I will be at WORK.

*I can only use ONE payment method.  I wanted to use a gift card that I received for Christmas.


In a nutshell, I had to bite the bullet and succumb to ALL there dumbass rules and stipulations.  As the delivery date approaches, I will have to make arrangements to get my phone.

For a person that lacks PATIENCE, it’s going to be a LONG 2 weeks. Pray for me!!


to iPhone or not?

As the world knows…

Verizon has acquired the iPhone!

I have been on #TeamBlackBerry for almost 2 years now! I love love love it! In the past few months, my vision has been trippin’! I think because I’m straining to view everything under the sun on my tiny Bold screen!!

Also, I must admit that I suffer from app envy!! Friends with Android, HTC and iPhones have every kind of app! They seem to be better developed, more fun and a wider array of choices! This is very curious to me! Blackberry is tried and true and been around for so many years! Why wouldn’t they have and/or offer more apps?

There’s so much to decide! 3G or 4G? Standard Insurance or Apple Care? 16GB or 32GB? Please leave your input to help in my decision!!

30 Days of ME! – Day 2

15 Interesting Facts about ME!

1.  I was a miracle baby! I was born to my mom when she was 44.  She had NO IDEA she was pregnant, up until she went into labor.  I had no name, no clothes, no nothing.  Best of all, BECAUSE I was born, my mom found out she had Cervical Cancer.  She was not a fan of doctors!   She did indeed, beat that cancer and live until she was 72! 🙂


2.  I am deathly afraid of groups of birds. OR single birds darting about my head!! Thanks Tippi Hedren!


3.  I love love love Disneyland and all its “magicalness”!  I go several times a month.  For several reasons, sometimes a combo of many things; people watch, eat, ride the rides, drink, catch up with friends, watch fireworks, take pictures, etc.


4.  I suffer from Trichotillomania, which is a form of OCD.  I pull my hair out.  I have done it since the 6th grade.  I wish I could stop. Very frustrating.


5.  More times than NOT, I am a major pessimist and skeptic.  Lots of lessons learned has led me to act and react this way.  I try to think otherwise, sometimes.  I admit it is a fault!


6.  I love to give gifts.  The look and feeling a person has when getting a “surprise” or gift just makes me shine.  Sometimes, I can’t hold onto surprises because the anticipation drives me nuts!


7.  I am starting to believe that I am a clone of my mom! We look exactly alike, same career path, same bad right hip, super gray hair at a young age.  So so many similarities that I share, that my siblings do NOT!

8.  Katy LOVES to eat. I have a food blog, I do reviews on restaurants, I have starting my own Adventures in Food (a la Guy Fieri) and I love to cook.  When my current bff met my mom years ago, she said, “I can’t believe I have found a friend that shares the same love of food as I do! We both get goosebumps over good food!”


9.  Since I have gotten my BlackBerry, almost a year ago, I have been obsessive about the indicator light.  This tells you when you have a text, bbm, email, facebook notification, twitter notification, missed call, etc.  Whenever I see that RED light, I have to tend to it right that instant. I could just adjust settings and turn it OFF, but noooooo! Feed the obsession!


10. I am a great listener, but sometimes I need to remember to shut my mouth and just LISTEN! Not everyone is asking for my advice, sometimes they just need to vent! I apologize my friends.


11. I enjoy a wide variety of music, except country! My taste includes such artists as; Drake, Linkin Park, Wu-Tang Clan, Morrissey, Sublime, Bob Marley, Journey, Phoenix, Floetry, Jay-Z, Snoop, Sade, Wicked Tinkers, old 80’s music, my list could go on and on and on…


12. I am a fan of rollercoasters, but NOT a fan of “spin n’ puke” rides.  Nuff said!


13. I am good wifey material! The cleaning aspect needs help, but all other aspects, I am golden.


14. Left Handers ROCK! Growing up the child of a teacher, all my work had to be done neatly.  Kind of tricky for a lefty like myself.  Some of us hold our pencils funny, tweak our papers or mal-adjust our arms.  Not me, I was forces to hold it correctly.  One caveat, as I write, my pinky smears my writing because it drags over what I’ve written.  In high school, I smartened up! I cut a coffee filter to the length of my pinky and wrapped it around.  No more smeary, nasty papers.  All the extra ink went onto the coffee wrapper. ta-dah!!


15. Losing my mom to Cancer in 2004 was the hardest thing I have EVER had to deal with! We only had 17 days from prognosis to her passing.  NOT enough time.  All of those days were spent in the hospital.  I hang on to all the fond memories I have of her as I strive to be as strong a woman as she was!!