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Weekly Photo Challenge – Celebration

Every year we put on a Christmas Program for the parents. A few lines, bible verses, manger scene, lots of singing and jingle belling.

Somehow, I got put in charge of decor and props. I’ve been glittering EVERYTHING. Parents want to see spawkle on stage, right?!

So this post is in tune with the weekly theme of CELEBRATION, two fold. I am personally celebrating that my job of creating props is finished. Annnndd, this Friday, we will celebrate the holiday season on stage in front of the children’s family and friends!!




Lost & Found!


Miss Tima, Miss Tima, there’s a puppy on the slide!

Yea, ok…go play!

There’s a puppy ON the slide, a man threw him over the wall!

No imagination or pretending this time, a man really did throw him over and he was cowering on the playground equipment. It took a parent and I about 20 minutes to get him down!

He was filthy and scared and anxious. Once I picked him up, he was so loving and cozy.

After work, I took him to the vet to see if he had a microchip. He did not! I took him home. Cleaned him up. And took to all my social media avenues. Posted him on Facebook, posted ads on Craig’s List, tweets, text messages, etc.

Otis surprised me. I thought he would want to play play play! The initial intro was as expected. Shortly after, Otis didn’t want to have ANYTHING to do with Scruffle (my name for him, short for Scruffaluffugus)!

What a long night! My plan was to kennel him during the night so he wouldnt roam the pad aimlessly! Nope. Didn’t happen. He turned into Taz, barking, crying, scratching and flipping out. I tried putting him in Otis’ bed. Nope. He wanted to be IN the bed. Ugh. Didn’t feel to good about that. A stranger in my bed? Needless to say, I didn’t sleep.

The next morning, luckily a parent said she would take him. We are still trying to find him a home. Poor lil’ guy, I know he misses his family! I hope we can find him a permanent home!!


Holiday Hangover!

Great 4 days spent eating, drinking, cleaning, donating, hanging with the sibs, Disneyland, cruising, watching football, walking, lightweight shopping…

It all caught up to me today! Exhausted by 8:30 and crashed. Woke up an hour later… Still awake…

Monday, please be kind!

Thankful Thursday

Here’s a lil’ something I’ve seen out in the blogosphere…

Each Thursday in November, I will highlight who/what I’m thankful for!!

I am thankful for…

Oddly enough, my job!!

Despite all I’ve seen in the last 12 years; the good, the bad and the crazy! I am happy to have a job to report to. I am happy that I can make a difference in a child’s life. I am happy that my commute is 4 minutes, with a red light. I am happy that I have a paycheck to pay my rent.


Good Luck Charli!


Last April, I took my class on a field trip to PetCo! I fell in love with a baby guinea pig that had 27 cow licks in her hair. Worst hair day pig in the whole bunch. But I loved her. She was up for adoption. $30 bucks and we could take her back to school.

Now, all I had to do was convince our Director that we NEEDED this new addition to our family. I found an old cage and cleaned it all up. A fancy tri-level abode for my new princess!! She finally agreed and went to pick her up.

I have loved and cared for her ever since! I’ve taken her home on long weekends, bought her treats, taught the kids how to care for her, etc. She loves me too, when I come near the cage she squeaks and squeals her little heart out. Charli loved to be held and brushed! She’s a good little pig!!

The last month or so, I’ve been helping a another school. I brought Charli home, in hopes that I could bring her to the new school.

Nope!! One of the teachers, those we don’t speak of, is so nosey and such a busy body, she doesn’t like the fact that I have the guinea pig. So I had to send her back to that school where only one person in a staff of 10, likes animals.

That’s BS!! If the cage wasn’t so expensive, I would offer to pay them to keep her. I’m so sad…

Woe is me…

I knew I should have just stayed home today!

It should have been a 4 day weekend!

I did not want to get out of bed this morning! And when I did? I DIDN’T want to go to work! But I do and I try to shake the blues with Hall & Oates on the drive in!

I get to work and within an hour, a child has a tantrum and bites me! Next, he tries to run out the gate, into the parking lot! Crisis averted, I go back with my kids and regroup!

Snack Time! I pull the snack cart over to our area and it crashes into my heel! I hold back the curse words but immediately sit down! Blood is gushing out of my heel and soaking my sock! WONDERFUL! I clean it up and 2 sets of band-aids later, I’m hobbling around like a gimp!

Luckily, the afternoon turned around! No more crisis, med-alert, tantrum or drama!

Happy Effing Monday! I hope yours is better!

Rise and Shine!!!

If you know me, you know that I am pretty much NOT a morning person! Ironically, I prefer to have an early schedule at work! I typically work from 830 to 530. I dislike getting off so late, especially when it’s dark as I leave!!

Much to my surprise, during these 2 weeks at work (our school doesn’t close, just more like a day camp) my hours have been changed to 730 to 430!! Oh HAPPY day!!

Yes, it is harder to get up and go! Yes, I cannot go running before work! But, I am grateful for my schedule change. I can always work out after work, right?

yaaaaaaawnnnn! Make it a great day!!

When I’m a Parent, Volume 2

Here we go, yet another, bad example I promise myself NOT to follow!!

A parent rushes into school to drop their child off in pajamas! The PARENT is in pajamas! OK, I get it…you were running late, it happens!

But then, to show up at 5:30pm to pick up your child in the same nasty looking pajamas!? Same disheveled, unkempt hair?!

C’mon son!! Getdafuggouttaherewitdatbullshit!!

{Raising right hand} I, Rare Breed, vow to never purposefully embarrass myself or my child by my disheveled appearance!

prepare to fail?


Who likes failure? In most cases, we do all we can to avoid failure!

Recently, I’ve been given a new assignment at work!! An assignment that I have NO PROBLEM taking on, it just takes preparation and organization.  Hmmm..lets see, I have until Tuesday! I have already been doing things at home to get ready.  I have asked for some things that I NEED to get ready. It has been with held.  I was told to come in on Saturday and get it.  Long, holiday weekend? Ummm, no!!

Here’s my thing! If you have what I need, why not give it to me? It’s real simple! But do not expect me to give 110% but not give me a good crack at it! 

I do everything that is asked of me and MORE. A class list is a simple request! I need that to do a seating chart, get folders ready, line order, name tags for the desk, etc.  It may seem like something petty, but it is driving me bananas.

Trust, I need to have a sit down tomorrow! Good thing I will have calmed down by then!

hotter than…


This week is supposed to be the warmest of the entire summer!! YOWZA!! Look at that line up!! Working in Bellflower, I’m a bit further from my accustomed ocean breeze, but hey…its a job!!

Guess the kidlets and I will be doing lots of inside activities!!