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Dinner is served…

I wanted something a bit different today. I took to Pinterest to find a new chicken idea.

Balsamic Chicken…hooray!!

Super easy to make, but the glaze made a mess of my cast iron pan. Scrub, scrub, SCRRRRUUBBB!


Oh and those zucchini noodles, or zoodles, are a tasty edition. Just a tad of minced garlic in the pan and toss over medium heat. Voila!

Making healthier choices is easier when you are prepared. I’m ready for tomorrow; lunch and gym bag are packed!

One day at a time!





Tomorrow I embark on a new adventure. I should be excited but, I’m not.

What’s the problem? Atychiphobia, fear of failure!! I bought a boot camp package on Living Social. Tomorrow will be my first session. Perhaps fear of the unknown is a part of it. I believe my brain is my biggest roadblock.

I know FOR A FACT, that once I conquer it, I will be excited. I just need to know that I CAN do it. For example, I’ve always said that I can’t run. And now I jog. I told C that I COULDN’T hike up the steep, unstable and rocky hill. With his support and cheer leading, I conquered it!! I am my own worst enemy!!

Wish me luck…


Day of Disney!

A typical Saturday at Disneyland!

A visit to the “World Famous Disneyland Band”! A great way to start the day!


Taking in all the sights; new Spring flowers, happy children, tons of goofy, unchapperoned teens, balloons and Spring Breakers!

The sister sib and I sauntered about looking for a “mostly” healthy lunch. We decided, errr I decided on a chicken salad at the Mexican spot! Yummy romaine lettuce, chicken, jicama, radishes and pepitas!! It was just enough!!

A new experience…the canoes. In all my visits, I’ve never worked that out. It was fun and a bit frustrating that my fellow rowers would NOT row!!

I brought along my new toy! The Heart Rate Monitor! I’ve always wanted to know how many calories I burn walking all throughout the park! Today’s magic number was 398!! Not too bad for a leisurely visit!!

We played with the 4S camera and took a few pics! Such a beautiful day!! I am so fortunate…





New and Improved!


I’m alive!

Been working on me!

About 2 months, eating healthy and exercising! Down 18 pounds!!

Still a work in progress! Motivation is key! I have my eyes on the big picture!


Looked Like Spilt Milk

Yes, that’s my new nickname…Spilt Milk!

Hiking in Signal Hill with Otis, Sammie and Chris. All was well, we made it up the “Hill of Doom” and we were working our way downhill on the dirt, gravel trails. It’s all downhill from here…lmao!

On the side of the trail there was a little erosion ditch, I caught my ankle in it and rolled it. I hit the ground HARD, tumbled and then Otis proceeded to pull me downhill. I laid there for a few and then the fun part comes. I can’t move my ankle and I’m starting to see stars. Sure enough, I blackout. Meanwhile, Chris runs back to the truck to come get us. I come to, there’s a man with us. He offers me his water, I decline. Then, comes the barfing!

Miraculously, after that I was able to move my ankle. The stranger helped me up and I hobbled down the trail to meet Chris! Road rash on my arm, left leg, both hands, tweaked ankle and scratched Burberry shades.

I get to my car safely, call the sibs and head to the ER! CAT scan, xrays and an hour pass and they think I have a fractured ankle. Call the splint man!! I’m splinted and crutched up.

Next? A visit to the orthopedic doctor for a follow up!! Whew!!



Eye Candy!


The most interesting house on my 3rd Street walk route!

You can’t really see the pattern of the roof shingles, but it is super cool! Probably very expensive and tricky to replace!

Maybe one day I’ll have a house again…



At it again! No EB at home, so I must utilize at the gym, not my ideal spot…but it works!

Feels good to be dedicated AGAIN! I hope our founding father is proud!

Adventures in Cardio!

I tend to get a little bored with the same regime! I’m trying to find new ways to keep it fun!

A new endeavor! A walk on the wild side. Err, I mean ride! Daughters of Apathy, sister chapter to Sons of Apathy! This Exercise Bike Gang is truly on the rise! Unlike our founding father, I have to visit the gym to get my EB on! But I plan to continue! I vow to hit the streets on my bike as well!

Coming to a city near you…


C O N Q U E R E D!!


I did it, mmmhhmm…that’s right! All this time that effing elliptical has been mocking me. I jumped on twice and it damn near threw me OFF!

Not today!! I lasted 20 minutes. I started off TOO strong and thought I might have to give up. But, I kept pushing and slowed my pace. I lasted longer than I thought, I’m no longer afraid!!


Recurring Nightmare!

Here we go again! If I went back through my posts, I’m sure that I have about 5 entries with this same exact theme.

The last 2 weeks, I have eaten whatever I like! No tracking, no counting, and definitely NO exercise!

Today, I jump back in with 2 feet. I will set small non-scale goals for myself! This week’s goal is to drink at least 60 ounces of water each day AND not to snack while serving the children!

I hope to lose AT LEAST 2 pounds per week! WINNING!