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better head!!

new hair…fresh attitude!!

got my hair did last night and it feels so good! no more grey!! i love my hair chick, shua! she takes the time to talk to me about my hair issues and how i can fix them.  now if i can just STOP pulling it out!!

on my way back to a healthier head of hair!!


30 Days of ME! – Day 5

Worst Habit!

This one is kinda tricky! I always thought that what I have, is a horrible habit! Turns out, it is a serious problem!


For those that don’t know what it is…I pull my hair out. I started in the 6th grade and have been “pulling” ever since. I hate it and wish I could stop! I am not an extreme case, but extreme enough to have ruined my hair and have bald patches.

I tried Prozac, this worked a little, but the side effects were UGLY! Studies show that behavior therapy is most beneficial, but I can’t afford it!! FML. I always thought about hypnotherapy, but how do you find one? Til then, I’ll just continue to be a freak! So, if you are around me and see me pulling, please tell me to stop! Chance are…I don’t know that I’m doing it!

Until tomorrow…

30 Days of ME! – Day 2

15 Interesting Facts about ME!

1.  I was a miracle baby! I was born to my mom when she was 44.  She had NO IDEA she was pregnant, up until she went into labor.  I had no name, no clothes, no nothing.  Best of all, BECAUSE I was born, my mom found out she had Cervical Cancer.  She was not a fan of doctors!   She did indeed, beat that cancer and live until she was 72! 🙂


2.  I am deathly afraid of groups of birds. OR single birds darting about my head!! Thanks Tippi Hedren!


3.  I love love love Disneyland and all its “magicalness”!  I go several times a month.  For several reasons, sometimes a combo of many things; people watch, eat, ride the rides, drink, catch up with friends, watch fireworks, take pictures, etc.


4.  I suffer from Trichotillomania, which is a form of OCD.  I pull my hair out.  I have done it since the 6th grade.  I wish I could stop. Very frustrating.


5.  More times than NOT, I am a major pessimist and skeptic.  Lots of lessons learned has led me to act and react this way.  I try to think otherwise, sometimes.  I admit it is a fault!


6.  I love to give gifts.  The look and feeling a person has when getting a “surprise” or gift just makes me shine.  Sometimes, I can’t hold onto surprises because the anticipation drives me nuts!


7.  I am starting to believe that I am a clone of my mom! We look exactly alike, same career path, same bad right hip, super gray hair at a young age.  So so many similarities that I share, that my siblings do NOT!

8.  Katy LOVES to eat. I have a food blog, I do reviews on restaurants, I have starting my own Adventures in Food (a la Guy Fieri) and I love to cook.  When my current bff met my mom years ago, she said, “I can’t believe I have found a friend that shares the same love of food as I do! We both get goosebumps over good food!”


9.  Since I have gotten my BlackBerry, almost a year ago, I have been obsessive about the indicator light.  This tells you when you have a text, bbm, email, facebook notification, twitter notification, missed call, etc.  Whenever I see that RED light, I have to tend to it right that instant. I could just adjust settings and turn it OFF, but noooooo! Feed the obsession!


10. I am a great listener, but sometimes I need to remember to shut my mouth and just LISTEN! Not everyone is asking for my advice, sometimes they just need to vent! I apologize my friends.


11. I enjoy a wide variety of music, except country! My taste includes such artists as; Drake, Linkin Park, Wu-Tang Clan, Morrissey, Sublime, Bob Marley, Journey, Phoenix, Floetry, Jay-Z, Snoop, Sade, Wicked Tinkers, old 80’s music, my list could go on and on and on…


12. I am a fan of rollercoasters, but NOT a fan of “spin n’ puke” rides.  Nuff said!


13. I am good wifey material! The cleaning aspect needs help, but all other aspects, I am golden.


14. Left Handers ROCK! Growing up the child of a teacher, all my work had to be done neatly.  Kind of tricky for a lefty like myself.  Some of us hold our pencils funny, tweak our papers or mal-adjust our arms.  Not me, I was forces to hold it correctly.  One caveat, as I write, my pinky smears my writing because it drags over what I’ve written.  In high school, I smartened up! I cut a coffee filter to the length of my pinky and wrapped it around.  No more smeary, nasty papers.  All the extra ink went onto the coffee wrapper. ta-dah!!


15. Losing my mom to Cancer in 2004 was the hardest thing I have EVER had to deal with! We only had 17 days from prognosis to her passing.  NOT enough time.  All of those days were spent in the hospital.  I hang on to all the fond memories I have of her as I strive to be as strong a woman as she was!!


I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for the OCD show!! Sometimes I wish, that I could have the counting or repetition OCD instead of such a self destructive “habit” of pulling my hair out!!!

I need help…


Every year I try to come up with “resolutions”! But come mid-February or March, all attempts of attaining these goals are out the window! So maybe if I don’t call them resolutions and just keep in my mind that I just have to try to attain these goals, the pressure will be taken off. Because, let’s face it…I have a hard head and sometimes I don’t even listen to MYSELF! 🙂

So, here are some things I am “keeping in mind”….

*call about therapy for my trichotillomania
*lose 10lbs by 2/28 (short term…baby steps)
*correct my financial sitch
*smile more
*read more
*work more on training Otis

And dammit, just BE HAPPY!

Have a happy and safe new year!

trichotillomania week…

i cannot believe that i didnt know that this week was trichotillomania awareness week! that sucks. i wish they gave me an instant cure for my OCD! that would be the best week ever. that, and a orchard of money trees! wooops, there i go off into my dreamworld again!

and im out…

one giant leap…

for all kater-kind.

after 20 years of pulling my hair out and thinking that it was my fault, i know now that it is not. i cannot control it. i have OCD, more specifically TRICHOTILLOMANIA. i went for my 1st doctor appointment today. i was so nervous to go to the doctor; afraid that she wouldn’t know what my disorder was, afraid that my disorder wasn’t severe enough, afraid that i couldn’t get any help, etc.

when i got there dr. tehrani was very compassionate and was blown away that i have been pulling my hair out for 20 yrs and wasn’t aware of any such syndrome. she was so happy and relieved that i took the 1st step and went in to the doctor. so, needless to say…i am on my way to getting better. tomorrow i have to call around and screen for a behavioral therapist.

what a journey i am about to embark on…i am so ready!


why does this make me so sad? why do i pull my hair out? why cant i have beautiful thick hair like i did when i was little? i want to be better! i WANT to stop pulling my hair out! i cant wait to get to the doctor in the next few weeks! i need help!