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Obsess much?


Perusing TiPb, I stumbled upon a giveaway!! A new toy for my iPhone and I? Sure, why not!!

The free swag? A bright, shiny, new Jawbone Jambox!! All I had to do was comment on the post and say why I NEED it in my life!! Unfortunately, I didn’t win! Bwap bwap bwaaaaa…

Since then, I’ve been obsessing about this handy dandy lil’ trinket!! I could use it at work for music with the kids! I could use it in the car for running my mouth, hands free! My iTunes/iPhone music in the car!! Tunes while cruising on the Dia de La Cruiser!! The possibilities are endless…

Patience is not my strongest attribute!! I want it nooooowwwwww! (Varuca Salt voice) I will have it in my grubby little hands sooner than later, birthday month is fast approaching!! Hint hint! Nudge nudge! Wink wink!!


Cruiser Culture

Living in a beach city, the beach cruiser is iconic. Customized to fit your personality, mode of transportation and/or just because!

I finally got mine! A long process to decide what I wanted and HOW I wanted it! I decided on a blank, flat black canvas with 3 speeds, courtesy of Chubby’s Cruisers in Culver City!

She is still in the process of being customized, i.e.; basket liner, valve caps, bell, etc.

I’ve already put in over 50 miles with her. Clearing my mind, exercising, bar hopping and whatnot galore…



Comfy for a Cause



I got my TOMS!

When I first saw them, I hated them! Then, they grew on me!

When I tried them on? I hated them again! They looked like big elfin shoes on me!

I love the company’s premise; “One for One”. For every TOMS shoe you buy, the company will give a pair of shoes to a child in need! What better way to help the kids, while still being a lil bit selfish!?

I gave TOMS another shot! I love them now! I wore them out to walk Otis to “break them in” and they are ooper comfy! I even ran in them, so much support!! whodathunkit?



If you’ve been following NYAWC, you would know that I was obsessing over some heels last weekend.

Obsession dismissed. CFM heels purchased and I can’t wait to get out and wear em! Stay tuned…

Weekly Photo Challenge-Abundance

I have an abundance of shoes! I “need” another pair like a hole in my head! But, in my defense, it has been quite some time since I have bought some!

I stumbled upon these today and fell in love! My logical brain told me that I have a few bills to pay and the heels could wait! My selfish, impatient brain “wants them NOWWWWWWW”! (insert Veruca Salt voice)

What’s a shoe addict to do? Please advise…

to iPhone or not?

As the world knows…

Verizon has acquired the iPhone!

I have been on #TeamBlackBerry for almost 2 years now! I love love love it! In the past few months, my vision has been trippin’! I think because I’m straining to view everything under the sun on my tiny Bold screen!!

Also, I must admit that I suffer from app envy!! Friends with Android, HTC and iPhones have every kind of app! They seem to be better developed, more fun and a wider array of choices! This is very curious to me! Blackberry is tried and true and been around for so many years! Why wouldn’t they have and/or offer more apps?

There’s so much to decide! 3G or 4G? Standard Insurance or Apple Care? 16GB or 32GB? Please leave your input to help in my decision!!

30 Days of ME! – Day 7

Most Effective Retail Therapy!

My name is Katy and I am addicted to retail! Lack of funds has recently curbed my ability to shop as much as I love to, but…

I LOVE to buy make-up! Mostly eyeshadow and lip gloss! Sephora and MAC are my two most favorite hot spots!!

I also love to buy shoes! Tennis shoes, flip flops, flats and HEELS (any shoes)!! I have especially had my sneaker itch lately! I spotted one “to die for” pair on a chick at Disneyland and have been obsessed since! My search continues…

Until tomorrow…

My new toy…

A new addition to my collection of LORAC eyeshadow palettes! I have them all!

The newest? Private Affair Palette…

Probably my most favorite yet! From left to right, in palette and on my arm!! Creamy Beige with Pearl, Champagne Rose with Shimmer, Soft Taupe with Pearl, Platinum Grey with Pearl, Deep Wine with Shimmer and Black with Sparkle! These are the descriptions from the box…

An evening out at Disneyland called for the latter three in the palette! I got so many compliments! The Platinum Grey looks fab with the Deep Wine!! And the Black? It has a fine deep wine glitter! Ohh oh, and it even came with a double sided brush and Behind the Scenes Eye Primer!! Lasted the whole night, no visible crease line!!

I can’t wait to try the first three! More of a Kindergarten Teacher look!! Hee hee!!

Thank You LORAC!!

crayola sneaks…

I fell in love with the Crayola Line of Vans! Working with kids, I can get away with certain things! I DO believe that this is one of those instances!

The checker pattern looks like it has been colored by crayons! A few fuzzy, “outside the lines” areas!! Too cute!

They made their debut today and the kids approve!! Now if I can just keep them from stepping on them!!

hi my name is…

Katy, and I have an addiction to nail polish!

Back when I was ballin’, I used to get my nails and toes done in excess! Wait, is that possible? Well, anywho…I digress! Since my toes are “out” more now, I like to keep them up! In the off season, I still tend to them; exfoliate and buff every shower, soak, cut and file, and clear polish!

So, I’m always on the look out for new and exciting colors! This weekend, I stumbled upon 3! One was free because the lil’ asian lady didn’t know how to give me my $ back, so she just told me to go pick out another one! We like Free.99 all day!

One is a dark green, jade color…great for toes! Second is a bronze color..also great for any season on my toes! The third is a SPECIAL edition O•P•I! The base color is a nude-ish, taupe-ish color with super fine iridescent glitter in it! Soooo pretty and subtle for my nails!!

Can’t wait to update my pedicure! Right now I’m rockin’ the 3 in one red, yellow and green Rasta toes! A Katy Original! I knew the nail lady would not understand, so I brought my own artist rendering…baahahahaha!!!