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Obsess much?


Perusing TiPb, I stumbled upon a giveaway!! A new toy for my iPhone and I? Sure, why not!!

The free swag? A bright, shiny, new Jawbone Jambox!! All I had to do was comment on the post and say why I NEED it in my life!! Unfortunately, I didn’t win! Bwap bwap bwaaaaa…

Since then, I’ve been obsessing about this handy dandy lil’ trinket!! I could use it at work for music with the kids! I could use it in the car for running my mouth, hands free! My iTunes/iPhone music in the car!! Tunes while cruising on the Dia de La Cruiser!! The possibilities are endless…

Patience is not my strongest attribute!! I want it nooooowwwwww! (Varuca Salt voice) I will have it in my grubby little hands sooner than later, birthday month is fast approaching!! Hint hint! Nudge nudge! Wink wink!!


Here we GO!

So, I decided to go with the iPhone! I’m still getting used to it and downloading all my apps! Wish me luck!

to iPhone or not?

As the world knows…

Verizon has acquired the iPhone!

I have been on #TeamBlackBerry for almost 2 years now! I love love love it! In the past few months, my vision has been trippin’! I think because I’m straining to view everything under the sun on my tiny Bold screen!!

Also, I must admit that I suffer from app envy!! Friends with Android, HTC and iPhones have every kind of app! They seem to be better developed, more fun and a wider array of choices! This is very curious to me! Blackberry is tried and true and been around for so many years! Why wouldn’t they have and/or offer more apps?

There’s so much to decide! 3G or 4G? Standard Insurance or Apple Care? 16GB or 32GB? Please leave your input to help in my decision!!

Soakin’ it in….

Last weekend, C and I decluttered the apartment! I’m not a slob or a dirty person, but I do suffer from Clutter-itis! I’m trying to do something about it! I’ve vowed to; put my stuff away as soon as I am finished with it, hang up jackets as soon as I take em off, put shoes away when I kick em off, etc! I’ve done GREAT this whole week!

Honestly, I love chillin’ in the pad now! Not embarrassed to leave my front door open or invite folks over! And to top if off? Otis has nothing to get into! My love of candles has been “rekindled”!! 😉 I am loving it…

Weather Rollercoaster!

Last week’s weather was so odd! The beginning of the week, it was so hot and unbearable! Toward the end, it was still hot and sunny, but full of thunderstorms and light showers!

Strange for Long Beach! On my way home from work on Friday, I was greeted by several pieces of a rainbow! By the time I reached home, I saw a full, beautiful rainbow! I still marvel at them! I had to pull my elderly neighbor outside to enjoy it with me!

I also think of my mom when I see rainbows! After she passed, the day we went to pick out her resting place was rainy and ugly. We looked at several areas! When we came to the last one, a rainbow appeared. We knew this was the place! Several days after that, it was rainy and ugly also! The day of her funeral, it continued! When it came time for the burial, the rainbow appeared again!

Coincidence? I’d like to think otherwise… I know you are with me MJ!!

Norah Jones and the “Fancy Band!”

Last minute plans to attend a free concert? Why the hell not?

One caveat…I had to drive to the Greek! No biggie, traffic was not as horrific as I had anticipated!

Amy and I got there just as Corrine Bailey Rae was finishing her set! Meh! {Katy Shrug}. Our first stop was the hospitality lounge! It was pretty dead and the snacks were gone!! Upward and onward…we buy snacks and beer and find our way to our seats!!

Soon after, Norah Jones comes out…immediate goosebumps! Her voice is ridiculous! Honestly, I’m not familiar with her newer stuff! Her first CD blew my mind! All in all a fantastic show!! Weather was great too!

She did ask for suggestions for a name for her band. Reallly!? Why does YOUR band need a name!? Norah Jones and the _________. I said they don’t need a name…they are jus her muh-fuggin’ band, plain and simple! Amy thought oF Norah Jones and the Fancy Band was appropriate!! That works for me…

Thanks for takin me Mamers!! Thanks to Nugget for the free tix!!

When I’m a PARENT…

Working with kids on a daily basis, I am forming my own list of what NOT to do and what TO DO!! I will keep track of the NOTS, so I can refer to them when the time comes!!!

I will NOT be on my cellphone when I pick my child up from day care/school!!

I will NOT put a leash on my child!

I will NOT speak badly about my child’s teacher IN FRONT OF THEM! (Only without them knowing, if the case may be! Bahahaha!)

To be continued…

may need to amputate!

What an eventful week!

Monday, I come back to work and Cleo doesn’t look too good! I try to feed her to no avail! She looks skinny and her skin/scales are pretty dark! I clean up her cage and try to feed her again!! NOTHING! I pick her up and her guts are hanging out of her butt!

I immediately call the Reptile Store! They give me Dr. Greek’s phone number, a vet that specializes in exotics. I get all the way to Yorba Linda, 45 minutes from my job and everyone was so helpful! They pushed her intestines back in and sewed her butt back up!

Next comes the 2 oral meds!! Dr. Greek showed me how to get her mouth open and it looked pretty easy! First night was tricky but no big deal! Last night?! Yea…not so much!!!

Cleo bit the shit outta me! She clamped down on the end of my pointer fingertip! It hurt so bad, I nearly passed out! She bit through my fingernail and cut the otherside! My fingertip has. Been numb since!

Carlton came last night because I was wigging out! That made me feel more at ease! All in all, I am still a girl!! So, I wanted to wait until the morning to see if the numbness went away! Sure enough, it didn’t! Sooooo, off to Kaiser I go! Everything A.O.K, jus gave me antibiotics because she broke through the skin!!

Whew!!! The week can only get better…

O time!!

Temperature was over 90 today! What a better time to un-lax under a tree in the park, after work! So, I grab the 30ft. tie down I bought for Otis and hit the road!!

First attempt to stake it was unsuccessful! Second time was easier with more elbow grease!

Sun’s goin down, kids are playing, folks are attempting ghetto tai chi, dogs are barking and my mind is at ease! Great way to end the day!!

ps…just wish I had a beer!! 😛

give it a shot!!

Ok, so I’ve transferred all my posts from blogspot over here!! Lemme see if I dig this one more than the other…

Please standby…