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The Happiest of Birthdays!

Today marks my 36th year on Earth.

As I reflect on all my years, I’d like to share some of my fondest memories.

As a child, I would look forward to my mom coming home from from school with my cake. Her assistant, Doris, baked my cakes every year. I was always so excited to see how it was decorated. My favorite had a carousel on it.

One year, my sister Beth took me to my first Laker game. That was cool because I got to share that with my mom. One of bucket list items was to see a Laker game!

When I turned 30, Edgar and my staff at OP threw me a party at the Rumba Room. We did it UP; limo, VIP. Bottle service, the whole nine. Good times.

Oh yea, one time when I was still pretty young…maybe 3 or 4. We went to our FAVORITE Mexican restaurant for my birthday. They sang Las MaƱanitas to me. I cried and hid under the table. I didn’t understand what and why they were singing to me. I still don’t like to be the center of attention. LOL

Now my birthdays are pretty low key but memories are still made nonetheless. Here’s to many more healthy and memorable born days!!



I love my SPAWKLE!!

Was feeling like getting my nails done. Yesterday was a downer, emotional day. I needed a pick me up!!

So I treated myself…

So? Whatcha think?! Kinda festive..and makes me smile every time I catch a glimmer!!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Celebration

Every year we put on a Christmas Program for the parents. A few lines, bible verses, manger scene, lots of singing and jingle belling.

Somehow, I got put in charge of decor and props. I’ve been glittering EVERYTHING. Parents want to see spawkle on stage, right?!

So this post is in tune with the weekly theme of CELEBRATION, two fold. I am personally celebrating that my job of creating props is finished. Annnndd, this Friday, we will celebrate the holiday season on stage in front of the children’s family and friends!!



Catch the Spirit!!

Every year, it’s hard to tell how I will embrace the Holiday Season. When you lose a loved one during or near a special day, it is sometimes harder to enjoy that time of year.

Most of you know, I lost my mom around Christmas in 2004. It came quite suddenly. How can anyone prepare to lose a parent anyway?

This season, I have not been as melancholy as other times. So far, I have been finding ways to include her memories and keep it happy. Jenn found me the perfect bedazzled, spawkly hummingbird. It is so beautiful! Every year, starting today, it will be the first thing I put on my tree! Starting new traditions and remembering old ones is the key for me to stay in the spirit!!


That hummingbird makes me so happy!

What ways do you catch the spirit? Have any traditions that you’d like to share?

Holiday Hangover!

Great 4 days spent eating, drinking, cleaning, donating, hanging with the sibs, Disneyland, cruising, watching football, walking, lightweight shopping…

It all caught up to me today! Exhausted by 8:30 and crashed. Woke up an hour later… Still awake…

Monday, please be kind!

‘Nuff Said…


Thanksgiving Cooking, Held Back!

As you may know, I love to cook. Being stuck with a small apartment, an even smaller kitchen and a bistro table that seats 2…needless to say, I cannot host Thanksgiving dinner.

I long for the day. Even though I am a great cook, I always get assigned the easiest things. This year it’s garden salad. So, I got my fixins but was left a little less than satisfied.

A co-worker brought her Food Network magazine to work today. I perused it’s pages and dog-eared several recipes. One that I made as an appetizer for tomorrow. I will call them Easy Cheesy Corn Puffs and here is the recipe. it is really quite easy and super yummerific! I can’t stop eating them. I hope some make it to my sister’s tomorrow.

What’s your specialty or tradition that you’d like to share?


Lookout Weekend!!

After quite a hellish week, the long weekend could not have come soon enough!!

What better way to kick the weekend off than to soak up some Vitamin D at good ol’ Horny Corner? 3 hours and a hot dog later, I’m spent!! No rest for the weary, off to JennJoi’s to run some errands!!

Date Night! Our fave dive bar…Bull Bar! Best Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich ever! Great people watching and libations to boot!

Sunday is the Great Cruiser Quest for C!! After visiting a few stores, he decided on a basic, single speed in Flat Army Green! As soon as we get home, he hit the streets pedaling!! A leisurely cruise on down to 2nd Street for lunch.

Monday Funday!!! Why can’t I ever sleep in anymore?? A pleasant surprise…C didn’t go to work! Yaaay, he gets to partake in the Stine Inaugural Fourth of July Bike Ride with Sara!! Rose Park to Shoreline to Queen Mary to 2nd Street (for refreshment, of course) to the Peninsula and ending at 36/36!! Rest stop at home until firework time!! Pedal on down to the Bluffs!! Needless to say, I can’t feel my tailbone today!!

Who votes for the 5th of July to be a paid holiday as well? How did you celebrate your Independence!?

Pog Ma Thoin!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

One of my most “favoritest” holidays! A chance to act even more of a fool than normal. Working with the chillrens gives me an excuse.

Is it 5 pm yet? I wanna get outta here and get my celebration on…

What do you do to celebrate my favorite holiday?

Weekend Re-Cap!

A great 3 day weekend! Friday was a hellish day at work!! Loads of drama that wore ME out!! Even though, it did not directly affect me!!

Saturday the temperature reached up into the 80’s! What a welcome surprise!! Who needs the gym when it’s so beautiful outside? So, I went for an hour walk to the beach and back!! Also, did my WW weigh in!! Down 4 pounds, for a total loss of 14.2!! What what!? That night, we were off to Famous Dave’s for some dinner!!

Sunday is almost as nice, weather wise!! C skipped work and we headed to Fullerton for a sports-filled day!! Bar hopping, football and Lakers!! Ummmm, it definitely was NOT on my agenda to be drunk in the middle of the day, but meh, it happens!! Bears won for C and MY Lakers lost!! Still a good day!!

My day off!! I slept in, did some grocery shopping, went rollerSKATING, did laundry and cooked dinner!! Oh and an extra long walk for Otis!! (SCORE, 2 cardio in one day!). Dinner was so tasty!! Roasted Turkey Breast, WW garlic and sour cream mashed potatoes and my fave scalloped corn!! Can you say leftovers??

Sunday night I was sooo wiped out!! Luckily, I had no trouble sleeping!! My new work schedule started today and I got up with no problems!!

What did you do this weekend?!