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The Happiest of Birthdays!

Today marks my 36th year on Earth.

As I reflect on all my years, I’d like to share some of my fondest memories.

As a child, I would look forward to my mom coming home from from school with my cake. Her assistant, Doris, baked my cakes every year. I was always so excited to see how it was decorated. My favorite had a carousel on it.

One year, my sister Beth took me to my first Laker game. That was cool because I got to share that with my mom. One of bucket list items was to see a Laker game!

When I turned 30, Edgar and my staff at OP threw me a party at the Rumba Room. We did it UP; limo, VIP. Bottle service, the whole nine. Good times.

Oh yea, one time when I was still pretty young…maybe 3 or 4. We went to our FAVORITE Mexican restaurant for my birthday. They sang Las Mañanitas to me. I cried and hid under the table. I didn’t understand what and why they were singing to me. I still don’t like to be the center of attention. LOL

Now my birthdays are pretty low key but memories are still made nonetheless. Here’s to many more healthy and memorable born days!!



‘Nuff Said…


Thankful Thursday


Here we are again…the latest edition of Thankful Thursday!!

I am thankful for…


Yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday!! A day full of laughs, tears, warm fuzzies, love, sunshine and friends…

For the most part, I am healthy! Earlier in the year, I had a health scare. The looming idea that I might have MS, kind of put alot of things into perspective for me! Do not take anything for granted!!

I am grateful to have spent my special day with the people that mean the most to me; C, my sibs and Jen and Van!!

Lord willing, I will make it to see 36!!





This is a very hard post…

I’ve struggled with the idea of posting this, but this blog is for and about me! So here goes…

If you know me, you know I LOVE kids! I’m kinda like a kid whisperer! In public, kids are drawn to me. I have this kid aura! That being said, when I meet new parents at work, they are amazed that I do NOT have kids. I always get: “You don’t have kids?”, “How old are you?”, “What are you waiting for?”.

It’s just not our time. Someday I will be fortunate to be called the name I’ve yearned for…MOMMY! I will have earned and prepared for it!!

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to be blessed with a baby NOW! I’m a bit sad and jealous (not an attractive trait, but it’s the truth!) when I see all my friends as parents sharing the love, running themselves ragged for their kids and making it happen.

Someday that will be me!! I can’t wait!! I pray everyday that I can do it without the guidance of my own mom!! I can only dream, for now…

OC Fair with a chance of Reign!

An impromptu trip to the OC Fair? Sure, why not?

C’s friends had planned a night at the fair to see Purple Reign, a Prince cover band. I wasn’t sure what to think but was open to the experience. $15 admission to the fair and concert…such a deal.

The concert was awesome. “Morris Day” even performed. I was getting my bird on, walking boot n’ all!

Several beers later, the concert is over and we head to the Gravitron. Not usually one for spin n’ puke rides but this one was fun. Lotsa spinning, no puking!

We even managed to fit in some fried Kool-Aid! Great night out!!




Looked Like Spilt Milk

Yes, that’s my new nickname…Spilt Milk!

Hiking in Signal Hill with Otis, Sammie and Chris. All was well, we made it up the “Hill of Doom” and we were working our way downhill on the dirt, gravel trails. It’s all downhill from here…lmao!

On the side of the trail there was a little erosion ditch, I caught my ankle in it and rolled it. I hit the ground HARD, tumbled and then Otis proceeded to pull me downhill. I laid there for a few and then the fun part comes. I can’t move my ankle and I’m starting to see stars. Sure enough, I blackout. Meanwhile, Chris runs back to the truck to come get us. I come to, there’s a man with us. He offers me his water, I decline. Then, comes the barfing!

Miraculously, after that I was able to move my ankle. The stranger helped me up and I hobbled down the trail to meet Chris! Road rash on my arm, left leg, both hands, tweaked ankle and scratched Burberry shades.

I get to my car safely, call the sibs and head to the ER! CAT scan, xrays and an hour pass and they think I have a fractured ankle. Call the splint man!! I’m splinted and crutched up.

Next? A visit to the orthopedic doctor for a follow up!! Whew!!



Em. Eye. See. Kay. Ee. Why.

The first trip of Spring, started with Breakfast at Carnation Cafe. A first for me, I NEVER get there early enough. Just your average breakfast, I was trying to be good! Next time, I will get the fruit and yogurt parfait, was so tasty!

The sun was playing some sort of twisted game with the clouds, so it was overcast most of the day. Quite humid, though.

We did all the big rides, except Hollywood Tower of Terror! Good times! I even got to have my popcorn and picture opp with Sailor Mickey!


Snap, SHATTER, Pop!

The much sought after OPI Shatter Nail Polish from the Katy Perry Collection!

While unwinding after Amy’s yard sale, I picked the WINNING (Charlie Sheen voice) combo! Amy worked her magic and they look fab-o! Now my mind can’t stop thinking of the color combination possibilities! I NEED my own bottle!

Whatcha think?


Memories made…

In efforts to spruce up the place a bit, during construction, our friends at DisneyLand put up this sign! It reminds me of the original sign that was near the Katella Street entrance back in the day!!

“Let the Memories Begin!”

This is so true, I have so many good memories of this place! As a child and recently! Some people just don’t “get it” when we say we go several times a month! It truly is an experience, whether you ride rides or just walk around or just go for the people watching!!

I told Amy today, “I can’t wait until the day that I can bring my own child and they are old enough to experience the magic, the wonder and the excitement!”

One day I can share the memories with my own family, one day! God willing!

Whodini said it BEST!


How many of us have them?

What is the “true” meaning of a friend!?

I’m sure we all have our own interpretations! Heres mine…

With a true friend, time can pass and you will always pick up where you left off. 

A true friend will lend an ear, shoulder, kick in the ass, laugh, tear, advice,  dollar or anything they can.

A true friend will not be easily offended, walk on egg shells or require high maintenance.

A true friend can be on a different page or chapter, but still be in the same book! 🙂

Thank you for sharing in my Hallmark moment…