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Thankful Thursday


Second Edition and a several days closer to Thanksgiving! The big day where everything all “comes together”.

I am thankful for…


Who would I be without them? We are pretty close! My siblings and I live within 5 miles of each other. My sisters, within 1 mile. My father is not too far from us!!

There is quite a bit of years between me and the other sibs, I was the surprise. Despite that, my mom instilled the family value in us. We ate family dinners at the dinner table, almost every night, went out to dinner on Sundays, took mini-staycations, etc.

We are all quite different and have our own quirks but love each other just the same!!

What are you thankful for this week?





This is a very hard post…

I’ve struggled with the idea of posting this, but this blog is for and about me! So here goes…

If you know me, you know I LOVE kids! I’m kinda like a kid whisperer! In public, kids are drawn to me. I have this kid aura! That being said, when I meet new parents at work, they are amazed that I do NOT have kids. I always get: “You don’t have kids?”, “How old are you?”, “What are you waiting for?”.

It’s just not our time. Someday I will be fortunate to be called the name I’ve yearned for…MOMMY! I will have earned and prepared for it!!

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to be blessed with a baby NOW! I’m a bit sad and jealous (not an attractive trait, but it’s the truth!) when I see all my friends as parents sharing the love, running themselves ragged for their kids and making it happen.

Someday that will be me!! I can’t wait!! I pray everyday that I can do it without the guidance of my own mom!! I can only dream, for now…

My Angel!!

Do you believe in angels? Have you ever have a loved one that has passed away, come back and make their presence known? Are you open to it!?

Since my mom has passed, she has made her presence known quite often.

Tonight, C and I were at Lola’s (Mexican restaurant) by the house. We were talking about my mom and her love for Mexican food. As we were talking, a Cranberries song came on. Coincidence? No, I don’t believe it was. I immediately got goosebumps and tears in my eyes.

She hated my love for hip hop. When I use to run her around on errands, she always asked me to play the Cranberries!! I’d always oblige…

I know you are always with me mom!! Thank you for making your presence known!! I miss you…

My Moon!


Our evening walk meant a lot more to me tonight…

A very bright, full moon shone down on me. I’ve seen several full moons in passing months but this one just struck me a certain way.

As a toddler, I would wake up during the night requesting the moon! “Moooooon, mooooon, moooon!” My mom would rescue me from my crib and take me to a window with a view so that I could see MY moon. After gazing at it’s beauty and wonder, my mom would return me to my slumber to finish my night’s sleep.

Tonight, I will have a peaceful sleep with all the happy memories of the best mom a child could ask for…

Lookout Weekend!!

After quite a hellish week, the long weekend could not have come soon enough!!

What better way to kick the weekend off than to soak up some Vitamin D at good ol’ Horny Corner? 3 hours and a hot dog later, I’m spent!! No rest for the weary, off to JennJoi’s to run some errands!!

Date Night! Our fave dive bar…Bull Bar! Best Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich ever! Great people watching and libations to boot!

Sunday is the Great Cruiser Quest for C!! After visiting a few stores, he decided on a basic, single speed in Flat Army Green! As soon as we get home, he hit the streets pedaling!! A leisurely cruise on down to 2nd Street for lunch.

Monday Funday!!! Why can’t I ever sleep in anymore?? A pleasant surprise…C didn’t go to work! Yaaay, he gets to partake in the Stine Inaugural Fourth of July Bike Ride with Sara!! Rose Park to Shoreline to Queen Mary to 2nd Street (for refreshment, of course) to the Peninsula and ending at 36/36!! Rest stop at home until firework time!! Pedal on down to the Bluffs!! Needless to say, I can’t feel my tailbone today!!

Who votes for the 5th of July to be a paid holiday as well? How did you celebrate your Independence!?

I love Palm Prings!

A great day to get away!

An hour car ride to 80 degree weather? Sure, why not? I need to work on my base tan anyhow! I also saved up my points throughout the day so that I may splurge on Mexican food for dinner! I packed my cooler full of pre-portioned snacks! Yummy!

All in all…a great getaway daycation!

My very OWN Sugar Rush!

Cupcakes, Food Trucks and crafters…oh MY!!

An unknown excursion with my Dad’s wife, Jane!! “Do you want to go to the Sugar Rush with me?” Sure, why not! I agreed, not knowing what it was! So glad I went!

It was a cupcake contest! $5 got me 4 mini cupcakes to taste! I chose White Chocolate Wasabi, Peanut Butter Chocolate (of course!), Banana Split and Pineapple!!

Banana Split and Pineapple were just okay! Kinda dry and nothing to write home about!

Peanut Butter Chocolate was so rich and peanut buttery!! Wished for a glass of milk!!

My absolute favorite was the White Chocolate Wasabi!! Sounds odd, right?! Oh no…so awesome!! A hint of that spicy kick added to the creaminess of the White Chocolate Cake! I had to bring 2 full size cupcakes home to share with C! This and the PB Chocolate were both made by The Blissful Gourmet!!

Two food trucks also came along to celebrate!! The Burnt Truck, which I have never tried before. I still didn’t try, was too full from the cupcakes and….Kogi! Kogi Truck was there, my old favorite!! Was cool to convert a virgin to Kogi!! Jane loved it!!

All for a great cause…Orangewood Childrens Foundation, which helps foster children!

30 Days of ME! – Day 10

Disclaimer….a day late, I know…I apologize! I’ll double up today!!

Picture of the Family!!

Here we are! That’s all of us! From left to right; Steve, Sara, me and Beth!!

home sweet home?

As a child, I lived in ONE house!! From the time I was born until shortly after my mom passed away in 2004! Twenty eight years in one place, talk about stability!!

Will I be fortunate enough to offer my child the same sort of stability? I know I will probably not stay in just ONE place forever, but I do not want to bounce around! I can only hope for the best with my “hamhocks!”

After we sold our childhood home, a realtor flipped it! The 2nd family in our house did NOT take care of it! They ended up losing it, and left it in shambles! NOW, it appears that there is a family at 2364 that takes pride in our old house! I often drive by, on my way home from work!! Cedar Block just feels like home! Yes, the neighborhood has changed, alotta different faces….but I will always call it home!! All of my childhood memories are in this lil’ house…. 

3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, huge backyard...I miss my house!!!

3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, huge backyard…I miss my house!!!

my lil’ fam…

It occurred to me that I never posted our family portrait! 🙂

I did it at a school fundraiser. FREE!!

Gave it to the sibs as a Christmas present! They loved it!

Hopefully my next family portrait has a Man and a child in it! Wishful thinking…