Catch the Spirit!!

Every year, it’s hard to tell how I will embrace the Holiday Season. When you lose a loved one during or near a special day, it is sometimes harder to enjoy that time of year.

Most of you know, I lost my mom around Christmas in 2004. It came quite suddenly. How can anyone prepare to lose a parent anyway?

This season, I have not been as melancholy as other times. So far, I have been finding ways to include her memories and keep it happy. Jenn found me the perfect bedazzled, spawkly hummingbird. It is so beautiful! Every year, starting today, it will be the first thing I put on my tree! Starting new traditions and remembering old ones is the key for me to stay in the spirit!!


That hummingbird makes me so happy!

What ways do you catch the spirit? Have any traditions that you’d like to share?


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  1. It is satisfying to hear that you came out of that slump…I have not lost my parents as of yet, but I am sure that is a difficult obstacle to get over. I stand strong on the honoring of those that have passed on. Keep your mom in your heart and thoughts as you celebrate your holiday.

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