Who Knew…

Bowl of "Wings"

…that making Buffalo “Wangs” was so easy?

In all my Food Network experience, I’ve seen wing recipes that require a multitude of steps.  Until, that is, C and I saw an episode of “Best Thing I Ever…Made!”  Low and behold it was one of my favorite chefs, Sunny Anderson.

She made these “wangs” for Chef Emeril Lagasse.  We fired up the deep fryer and got busy.  I must say, we make a great team in the tiny lil’ kitchen.  Not at all as sickly sweet as the Neely’s, good gawd I cannot stand all their PDA and small talk!! Anyhow, C did a fab job of separating the drums from the wings and removing the tips.  I am not a fan of that job!! After that, I followed the recipe, only to add a bit more lemon juice for tang!!

So tasty! That’s alot coming from me because I am still conquering my aversion to eating meat STILL attached to the bone.  I have come a long way though.  He’s so proud…

Needless to say, the pad still smells of fry grease and buffalo sauce. A fat kid’s heaven? Hmmmmm, perhaps.  Good thing that was all I ate today!! Still under my allotted calories for the day! HA!!


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  1. Them damned wings. I have recently started poultry again due to a metabolic health plan I am on. It is still hard to wrap my mind around eating flesh…but I too know the addiction of wings. Buffalo’s has me hooked. I think its just the sauce. ;D

  2. Those look delcious. I’m a huge wing fan (who isn’t?).

  3. Yum!! Glad they turned out so well. I wish I could get past eating those messy things with my fingers, but I can’t….I like boneless wings.

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