Won’t happen to ME!


Growing up, I had a friend who’s boyf put hands on her. I remember saying, “shiiieeet, I’d NEVER let that happen to me!”

Well guess what? It did!

I was in a very UNhealthy relationship. I dealt with alot of verbal abuse, got physically pushed around and knocked down. I allowed it! In my head, being with him was better than nothing. It took me quite a while to figure out that this WAS not the case.

The last straw, you ask!? Being punched in side of my head (cheekish earrish area) like I was a dude. His family saw it go down and did NOTHING!! Hell yea, I fought back! Didn’t do too much damage, but I did what I could. After all was said and done, I played my cards right, drove away from him AND that relationship!!

Now, I have enough self worth to know that I will not accept that BS in my life. I do not blame anyone. I made the choice to stick around. I made the choice to settle. Now I choose to be happy…

I can really say, “It won’t happen to me ever again!”


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Posted on October 18, 2011, in emotions, me and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Good for you. As a guy I’ve also said never me. I’ve been able to hold up my end of the deal which prevents those situations. I’m glad you got out and not only is it clear you dated the wrong guy from his actions, but it’s also clear from the inaction of his family. There is no excuse to actually see it happen and do nothing.

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