OC Fair with a chance of Reign!

An impromptu trip to the OC Fair? Sure, why not?

C’s friends had planned a night at the fair to see Purple Reign, a Prince cover band. I wasn’t sure what to think but was open to the experience. $15 admission to the fair and concert…such a deal.

The concert was awesome. “Morris Day” even performed. I was getting my bird on, walking boot n’ all!

Several beers later, the concert is over and we head to the Gravitron. Not usually one for spin n’ puke rides but this one was fun. Lotsa spinning, no puking!

We even managed to fit in some fried Kool-Aid! Great night out!!





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  1. How was the deep fried Kool-Aid? One of my other blogger friends went to that same fair, I believe. She took her pic in front of a big Kool-Aid cardboard sign advertising the deep fried goodness.

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