Looked Like Spilt Milk

Yes, that’s my new nickname…Spilt Milk!

Hiking in Signal Hill with Otis, Sammie and Chris. All was well, we made it up the “Hill of Doom” and we were working our way downhill on the dirt, gravel trails. It’s all downhill from here…lmao!

On the side of the trail there was a little erosion ditch, I caught my ankle in it and rolled it. I hit the ground HARD, tumbled and then Otis proceeded to pull me downhill. I laid there for a few and then the fun part comes. I can’t move my ankle and I’m starting to see stars. Sure enough, I blackout. Meanwhile, Chris runs back to the truck to come get us. I come to, there’s a man with us. He offers me his water, I decline. Then, comes the barfing!

Miraculously, after that I was able to move my ankle. The stranger helped me up and I hobbled down the trail to meet Chris! Road rash on my arm, left leg, both hands, tweaked ankle and scratched Burberry shades.

I get to my car safely, call the sibs and head to the ER! CAT scan, xrays and an hour pass and they think I have a fractured ankle. Call the splint man!! I’m splinted and crutched up.

Next? A visit to the orthopedic doctor for a follow up!! Whew!!




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