Bag, clubs and balls…OH MY!

What a busy weekend! Rippin’ and runnin’ each day! Quite productive!

Sunday, we had some idle time after cleaning, rearranging, recycling and eating! C surprised me and took me to the driving range! Back story; I’ve been wanting to learn but always said that I don’t want to intrude on him if that’s his “man time”! So I was pleasantly surprised when we went!

I had one request, I don’t want anyone else around me. For fear that I will make a fool of myself! So we went to the top tier of the driving range where we were all alone!

I hit about a hundred balls. It was fun. I still have to remember the mechanics and body position. And I need more force or strength in my swing. I know that will come in time. C said I did much better than he did on first shot! He was a very motivating instructor. He said he may send me to real golf lessons. šŸ™‚

A new hobby? Perhaps…

Sidenote: doesn’t that pic of me from the side look photoshopped or generated? The green was all turf and so bright and new!


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  1. That top pic DOES look photoshopped!! I think that would be a fun hobby!!

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