to iPhone or not?

As the world knows…

Verizon has acquired the iPhone!

I have been on #TeamBlackBerry for almost 2 years now! I love love love it! In the past few months, my vision has been trippin’! I think because I’m straining to view everything under the sun on my tiny Bold screen!!

Also, I must admit that I suffer from app envy!! Friends with Android, HTC and iPhones have every kind of app! They seem to be better developed, more fun and a wider array of choices! This is very curious to me! Blackberry is tried and true and been around for so many years! Why wouldn’t they have and/or offer more apps?

There’s so much to decide! 3G or 4G? Standard Insurance or Apple Care? 16GB or 32GB? Please leave your input to help in my decision!!


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  1. Flat Coke and Flies

    Did you get the iphone? How do you like it? It seems like the Droid folks have better apps, but I’m still with my BB, too. I’ve googled if they are going to have a BB slider phone soon and supposedly they are. I’m holding out for that. I have my ipad for apps, I can’t imagine not having my BB.

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