My very OWN Sugar Rush!

Cupcakes, Food Trucks and crafters…oh MY!!

An unknown excursion with my Dad’s wife, Jane!! “Do you want to go to the Sugar Rush with me?” Sure, why not! I agreed, not knowing what it was! So glad I went!

It was a cupcake contest! $5 got me 4 mini cupcakes to taste! I chose White Chocolate Wasabi, Peanut Butter Chocolate (of course!), Banana Split and Pineapple!!

Banana Split and Pineapple were just okay! Kinda dry and nothing to write home about!

Peanut Butter Chocolate was so rich and peanut buttery!! Wished for a glass of milk!!

My absolute favorite was the White Chocolate Wasabi!! Sounds odd, right?! Oh no…so awesome!! A hint of that spicy kick added to the creaminess of the White Chocolate Cake! I had to bring 2 full size cupcakes home to share with C! This and the PB Chocolate were both made by The Blissful Gourmet!!

Two food trucks also came along to celebrate!! The Burnt Truck, which I have never tried before. I still didn’t try, was too full from the cupcakes and….Kogi! Kogi Truck was there, my old favorite!! Was cool to convert a virgin to Kogi!! Jane loved it!!

All for a great cause…Orangewood Childrens Foundation, which helps foster children!


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  1. Flat Coke and Flies

    THOSE LOOK DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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