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On my twitter feed, I follow a chick that posts all kinds of “healthy”, “diet”, “weight loss” articles. This one especially caught my eye! I am trying to find my way back and this seems to help put things in perspective!! Great article! Not to mention that I think Jillian Michaels is god-like! 😉

Here’s the link also:

Keep your slim-down drive alive with motivation from Jillian Michaels, the genius behind SELF’s Jump Start Plan. Happy shrinking!!

1. Put your goal in writing.
“Jot down the reasons you want to change and all of the benefits that will come from doing the Jump Start Plan. If you know the why, you can tolerate any how. Skinny jeans, sex with the lights on, meeting your grandchildren’s children—these are all worthy reasons to eat your broccoli and hit the StairMaster. Keep the list in a place where you can review it daily, such as on the bathroom mirror or the fridge.”

2. Toss temptation.
“Surely you’ve heard the saying ‘We are a product of our environment.’ It’s true, and it can work in your favor. The key is to rig your surroundings for success. Start by removing any junk food or other temptations from your kitchen. You can’t eat what’s not there. As you ditch negative items, replace them with healthful ones: Out with the potato chips and candy; in with the popcorn and walnuts. Post pictures that inspire you—a bowl full of ripe fruit, a lush park that says ‘Let’s go running!’—on your computer, or put inspirational quotes on the sun visor of your car. Wherever you look, you’ll have signposts and resources that reinforce good-for-you behavior.”

3. Zip it.
“Stop the negative self-talk—no more chatter about perceived body flaws or how you lack the strength and ability to be fit. Self-deprecation serves absolutely no purpose except to make you feel bad. So stop it. Now. Instead, say something nice and complimentary about who you are and what you can do.”

4. Have a healthy hero.
“Pick someone in your life you admire—not necessarily someone who runs marathons or eats ultra-healthfully. Your grandfather, a college professor, a friend—it doesn’t matter as long as it’s someone you look up to and have respect for. Whenever you’re doing something outside your comfort zone or feel yourself losing steam, visualize this person at your side, telling you how much he or she believes in you.”

5. Clear the clutter.
“This may seem unrelated to weight loss, but it’s not: Getting organized frees up the mental energy and precious time that disorganization robs you of. Devote 15 minutes daily to going through your mail and straightening up—you’ll notice a difference in your state of mind right away.”

6. Live in the now.
“Anxiety is a useless emotion. Its only function is to derail your focus and rob you of valuable energy that you could channel into creating your new life. To knock it out, root yourself in the present moment by asking yourself how things are right now. Are you taking measures to achieve your goals? Good! Dealing with the tasks at hand helps pave the way to a better future.”

7. Get a second opinion.
“Avoid making the same diet mistakes twice by seeking feedback from a professional. If your budget allows, enlist an R.D. for a onetime assessment of your food log. Same with fitness: Hire a personal trainer for a session or two and adopt some new exercises while perfecting your form. A qualified mentor can determine where you are falling short and suggest exactly how to improve. Sure, it can be a blow to the ego—and maybe the wallet—to discover the error of your ways, but it will accelerate your growth tremendously.”

8. Sidestep a slipup.
“Before you act rashly—late-night binge coming on?—stop and literally stand still in your tracks. Then take five big, deep breaths. Now carefully contemplate the results of your decisions and actions before you make them. If you eat that second slice of chocolate cake, are you really going to feel happier? Or will you end up feeling worse because you gulped down all that sugar and fat? Pressing the pause button will enable you to move from a ‘go’ state, in which you are impulsive and reactionary, to a ‘know’ state, in which you can take a long-term view and get yourself under control.”

9. Embrace a “bad” day.
“You’re not going to have success at every turn, and that’s OK. Many people are afraid of failing, and they let that fear stop them from trying in the first place. Understand that messing up is an integral part of success. It’s an entry point for learning that allows us to grow. The next time you ‘fail,’ whether it’s skipping a workout on the Jump Start Plan or eating junk after a tough day at work, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and aim to do better the next day.”

10. Speak up.
“Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote, ‘Nobody really does anything alone.’ Well, that includes losing weight and staying fit. Learn how to express your needs to gain support from the people in your life. Tell your husband not to pick up chips and dip on a grocery run. Ask your girlfriends to change a happy hour date into a Spinning class so you don’t have to give up a workout. Honing your communication skills is a crucial step to making your best-body dreams come true.”


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