IGNORANCE is NOT bliss!!

C and I went out to celebrate Beth’s birthday last night!! We get to Auld Dubliner and its packed…NO BIGGIE!! We work our way to the reserved table to enjoy the Whooligans, some food and libations.

In case ya didn’t know, C is a black dude, a pretty big black dude at that!! 🙂 We make a joke of the ratio of black dudes to white dudes.  We can count on ONE hand the amount of color in the spot, NO BIGGIE! We are used to it. 

We decide its time to leave after a few hours of people pushing our chairs, spilling beer on us and general tom foolery.  So C gets up and immediately a dude wants to talk to him about the Clippers! Huh? Really? You havent said a word to us all night. You see a black dude and you wanna talk basketball? Mind you, there’s NO sports on in the bar!! So we keep walking…another dude yells, “Hey, its the dude from the Longest Yard!” His whole lil’ crew starts laughing hysterically.  Are you kidding me? C plays it off! Me?  Not so much!! I’m on one!! My face gets all frowned up, eyebrows positioned in bitch-mode! I make sure they know that those comments are not ok! Choice words come outta my mouth! Some random girl apologizes, still not okay!!

Why do people, in 2011, think its “OK” to say those kinds of things to people? NO, it was not a racial slur or derogatory, but STILL!  That was the first time in a LONG time, something like this has bothered me this much! We get looks, “moufs” and comments from black women ALOT and are used to it! Just laugh it off! Is it more hurtful to me because they were white? I don’t know, I just know that I don’t like or condone the HATE!!

Grow up people!!


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  1. Flat Coke and Flies

    WOW! I really thought Calif had come farther than that. I expect it when we are out because we’re gay but black/white…seriously? I thought people in the south were the only ones who had issues with that or would say things. When are we going to see people as PEOPLE and not as a race or gender?

  2. Ignorance is running rampant in the people and it is not just with race!

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