pounds vs. measurements?

Is it healthy to be so obsessed with a number on the scale? I did not go to my usual Weight Watchers meeting day because I did not see a change on the scale!! Mind you, I have not been pushing myself, as much as before!

There is a place on eTools to track my measurements! I must admit, I have never taken my measurements before!! So, it will get done this week!!

Even though I may not see a drop in pounds, I may see a drop in inches? Maybe…


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  1. Very Nice website. I built mine and i was looking for some ideas and you gave me a few. May i ask you whether you developed the website by youself?

    Thank you

  2. Flat Coke and Flies

    I have read where it is more important to measure body size rather than the number on the scale. I think that is more important when you are weight training (fat turning to muscle). I have started going by how loose/tight my clothes fit. It’s less stressful for me, but I do occasionally step on the scale first thing in the morning.

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