Throwback Friday!!

Two Tidbits today!!!

First of all, I got word that Anchor Blue is going out of business. NO BIG DEAL! But, its origination was Millers Outpost! I bought my first pair of Levis 501’s from there! They had everything! Backpacks, plain polos (for school), Levis, Flojos, etc.  The end of an era!!

On to the next one…

Every Friday, I ask the kids to bring a movie from home! If more than one child brings a movie, we vote on which one to watch.  Today’s choices were Toy Story 3 (my personal favorite) and Diff’rent Strokes Season 1!! Are you kidding? A child that is born in 2005 knows who Arnold and Willis are?! Nooooooo! Can it be? Yes, the child was UPset that the kids voted against her movie!! I told her to bring it next week!! I will subject the kids to a blast from my past and please the movie bringer also!! Toooo funnny!!


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