REkindled by…


My most favorite Christmas present! I have been dying to read a few new books, but have held back because I wanted to read on the Kindle!!

I have already finished Kendra Wilkinson’s book! A quick read!! I already love her, so any additional information is welcomed!! 🙂

Now, I have started reading “The Help.” It is GREAT so far!! It was a little hard to read because it is written in the voice and grammar of African American maids from the South, circa early 60’s.  I am into it now, and I read it nearly everyday during my class’ rest time!!

I am in love! Now, I’m just waiting for the new customized skin to come in the mail! I bought a case already.  I needed to, I have had it in my purse since I got it! Next up? The light that attaches to the case!! Reading in the dark! Woot woot!


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  1. Enjoy your new Kindle!

    The Help is coming out as a movie too, right? Can’t remember who stars in it though… do hope Hollywood doesn’t mess it up.

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