Jerry Saga…

So, my morbidly obese neighbors decided to clean their nasty, near HOARDER-like apartment also…

Shortly thereafter, a lil’ furry mouse comes over to visit!! Otis’ hunting insticts set in and he was after it! I tried to use a broom to “shoo” his back outside (or maybe back to the Hoarders place), to no avail! C came home and saw my tribulations, he tried…nothing! We did know that he was know in the kitchen!! FANtastic!!

He rushes to the store to get the glue style mouse traps. We strategically place them and wait…

The next day, I discovered that Jerry was in the junk drawer and had used it as his port-a-potty! So, I cleaned it out and put a trap there!! Sure enough, it trapped him. But, he pulled himself free. Ughhh!

Few days later, we hear crunching, crunching, crunching!! I turn on the kitchen light and Jerry runs from the cabinet to the fridge!! So, I open the lower cabinet annnnd…. Jerry has chewed a hole through the drywall!

New place for traps, the lil’ runway he uses from behind the fridge back to his hole!! A few nights ago, I hear him thrashing on the trap, I ignore him and go back to sleep. The next morning? NO JERRY!! He escaped yet again…

Today I went to Home Depot and bought RAT traps, huge ones!! A lady suggested to tie lunch meat to the trap as bait! She caught hers within a half an hour!! We shall see…

We will get the best of Jerry!!! Muahahaahahahaaha! {Evil Laugh}


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  1. Flat Coke and Flies

    I think you have “almost” been out smarted by Jerry. Those pesky rodents are so hard to catch. I hope you get him soon!! Peanut butter works well, too. Some of those glue traps are even PB flavored!! lol

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