Soakin’ it in….

Last weekend, C and I decluttered the apartment! I’m not a slob or a dirty person, but I do suffer from Clutter-itis! I’m trying to do something about it! I’ve vowed to; put my stuff away as soon as I am finished with it, hang up jackets as soon as I take em off, put shoes away when I kick em off, etc! I’ve done GREAT this whole week!

Honestly, I love chillin’ in the pad now! Not embarrassed to leave my front door open or invite folks over! And to top if off? Otis has nothing to get into! My love of candles has been “rekindled”!! 😉 I am loving it…


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Posted on December 31, 2010, in me, mobile, random. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Flat Coke and Flies

    I’ve heard of so many people cleaning this time of year! I always thought it came around in spring, but it hit over Christmas for me!!

    I love candles…they always make me feel “homey”.

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