Out with the Old…

At the end of October, I jumped back aboard the Weight Watchers train !


I started out strong, losing 4 lbs in the first 2 weeks! Thennnn, my birthday came! I skipped one week of WW and celebrated my birthday for 2 straight weeks! Not counting points or watching my food intake!  But, the week after my birthday, I bit the bullet and went back! Somehow, I still lost less than a pound. 


I am fully devoted to it now! This past week, Weight Watchers changed its whole format that we have grown to know and love!! The new Points Plus Program is a rebirth!!  The most major change to Weight Watchers in 13 years.  So far, I am catching on quite quickly! Compared to the old program, all the points values for food are higher and so is my daily allowance for points! The most exciting change is that most fruits and vegetables are 0 points.  Makes sense, right? Eat what is healthy!!


This upcoming week will be my first entire week on it, so I am anxious to see how my weigh in is affected.  So far, I am down exactly 7lbs.  🙂


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