30 Days of ME! -Day 8

Your Superhero!

I was never really into superheroes. Wonder Woman was pretty dope, but I was old enough to know that she was a fraud.

My superhero is my mom!! My “Dad” was barely around when I was growing up, so my mom did everything. She raised my brother and I (the 2 youngest) on a teacher’s salary, with no income throughout the summer. We were not spoiled kids but never went without. She must have done a helluva job saving her extra “nickels, dimes, quarters”!

As I got older, we didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, but I always respected her. A lot of things I didn’t “want” to do but I did because she was my mom. Early Saturday morning grocery store runs, last minute cigarette stops, personal taxi service, etc. I quietly grunted and growled as I did these chores. Now, I would trade the world to have her back with me so that I could do those things with and for her! Never take your loved ones for granted, they can be snatched from you at any given moment!!

I love and miss you mom!!

Until tomorrow…


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