30 Days of ME! – Day 5

Worst Habit!

This one is kinda tricky! I always thought that what I have, is a horrible habit! Turns out, it is a serious problem!


For those that don’t know what it is…I pull my hair out. I started in the 6th grade and have been “pulling” ever since. I hate it and wish I could stop! I am not an extreme case, but extreme enough to have ruined my hair and have bald patches.

I tried Prozac, this worked a little, but the side effects were UGLY! Studies show that behavior therapy is most beneficial, but I can’t afford it!! FML. I always thought about hypnotherapy, but how do you find one? Til then, I’ll just continue to be a freak! So, if you are around me and see me pulling, please tell me to stop! Chance are…I don’t know that I’m doing it!

Until tomorrow…


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