30 Days of ME! – Day 4

Show us your Friends!

Let me start by saying, I have quite a few aquaintances and just a handful of people that I call close friends! Not to offend anyone…and in NO particular order!!

Jennifer – We met in 1999! Her son attended a school that I taught at.  She is the other half to the coolest inter-racial couple I know! We have been through so much together! I love her!

Mamers-We met through another friend who has since been x-filed. Always good times, great listener and will do almost anything with me on a whim!


From L to R- uptop is Gloria, under is Yari and then Susie! When I was Director, these girls made up part of my most awesome staff! We are truly a family.  No matter what goes on, I can still catch up and pick up where I left off with them.

Justin – “This Guy”  Who ever says male and female cannot have a strictly platonic relationship, never knew us.  Super cool dude, stays fresh to death and is up on his Sneaker Culture! 


Auts- We have known each other since high school and have come a long way!  We are both super quick witted and sarcastic as all get out! Love her and her beautiful family!

Last and certainly NOT least…

My Baby- My BESTEST FRIEND! We met several years ago! Lost touch for a few years, now we are back! Ups and downs, ins and outs but I wouldn’t trade him for anyone! I love you Carlton! Thank you for still giving me butterflies! XoxOxOX

Until tomorrow…thanks for following!


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  1. i love your mini project. should i even try? ps. i didn’t know about mj’s cervical cancer!

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