Holy Horrible Names, Batman!!

The latest installment of “When I’m a Parent…”  Volume 3, to be exact!

Teaching in an “urban area” (very pc of me), I have come across some very creative children’s names!  It’s always been kind of a joke in my family, “What names you got this year?” My sister sent me this link yesterday and although I find the majority of them BS, it had me thinking…

When you name your baby, that name will follow them into adulthood. All children’s names are NOT good adult names.  I have started a list of names that I love, I do not share them with too many people because they might name their baby banshee MY NAME!! 

For example, I love the name Chace for a girl or boy! But when they get older, is that an odd adult name?  I also like the thought of naming a child something original, but not too funky.  What a responsibility!! When it comes time for me and whomever, I’m sure it will all come together!!

Trust, that I will NEVER, name my baby after…

**a car: Lexus, LeBaron

**a food; Lemonjello and Oranjello

**a Clothing Brand; Darionne, Armani, Cartier


****Disclaimer…my blog, my opinion, my views, my choice…if I offend you? Click the lil’ red X up there! Thank you and Good Night! (Russell Simmons voice)****



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  1. lol lol! what about shakobe?

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