prepare to fail?


Who likes failure? In most cases, we do all we can to avoid failure!

Recently, I’ve been given a new assignment at work!! An assignment that I have NO PROBLEM taking on, it just takes preparation and organization.  Hmmm..lets see, I have until Tuesday! I have already been doing things at home to get ready.  I have asked for some things that I NEED to get ready. It has been with held.  I was told to come in on Saturday and get it.  Long, holiday weekend? Ummm, no!!

Here’s my thing! If you have what I need, why not give it to me? It’s real simple! But do not expect me to give 110% but not give me a good crack at it! 

I do everything that is asked of me and MORE. A class list is a simple request! I need that to do a seating chart, get folders ready, line order, name tags for the desk, etc.  It may seem like something petty, but it is driving me bananas.

Trust, I need to have a sit down tomorrow! Good thing I will have calmed down by then!


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Posted on August 31, 2010, in venting, work and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Flat Coke and Flies

    My sister is a school teacher in TN. She sounds much like yourself. They expect teachers to give, give, give…and do very little to get anything accomplished or help you. Hope they are able to provide what you need. It’s ludicrous to expect you to come in on a holiday weekend, Saturday, to work on anything!

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