so, I’m a bad mom and let Otis’ license expire! I had to show proof of his current rabies vaccinations! So today, Otis and I were off to the SPCA-LA compound to “make him legal.”

To my surprise, they waived the $30 penalty. Trust, no questions asked! So, we peeked in and around the lil’ pet store they have there. They offered free dog food samples in handy dandy pre-packaged baggies!! DOUBLE SCORE!

Now, off to the newly renamed, Rosie’s Dog Beach in Belmont Shore! This is quite an adventure and quite scary for me. I’ve never taken him without C. See, Otis is a scent hound on top of the fact that he’s ADHD. My fear is that he will take OFF and I will not be able to catch him by myself.

He did pretty well! After about 20 minutes, I got nervous because he started playing with the dogs away from the water. I had visions of me clumsily chasing him through the parking lot and onto Ocean Blvd. Not a good look! So, back on leash to walk on the path!!

Otis is now dead to the world!! Knocked the fugg OUT!!


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