Norah Jones and the “Fancy Band!”

Last minute plans to attend a free concert? Why the hell not?

One caveat…I had to drive to the Greek! No biggie, traffic was not as horrific as I had anticipated!

Amy and I got there just as Corrine Bailey Rae was finishing her set! Meh! {Katy Shrug}. Our first stop was the hospitality lounge! It was pretty dead and the snacks were gone!! Upward and onward…we buy snacks and beer and find our way to our seats!!

Soon after, Norah Jones comes out…immediate goosebumps! Her voice is ridiculous! Honestly, I’m not familiar with her newer stuff! Her first CD blew my mind! All in all a fantastic show!! Weather was great too!

She did ask for suggestions for a name for her band. Reallly!? Why does YOUR band need a name!? Norah Jones and the _________. I said they don’t need a name…they are jus her muh-fuggin’ band, plain and simple! Amy thought oF Norah Jones and the Fancy Band was appropriate!! That works for me…

Thanks for takin me Mamers!! Thanks to Nugget for the free tix!!


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  1. Flat Coke and Flies

    So jealous!! I love Norah Jones. I like the name of the band your friend suggested. How far of a drive was this Greek place you speak of?

  2. not that far…took about 25 minutes with no traffic! I just hate driving into LA!

  3. lmao. that was ugly.

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