hi my name is…

Katy, and I have an addiction to nail polish!

Back when I was ballin’, I used to get my nails and toes done in excess! Wait, is that possible? Well, anywho…I digress! Since my toes are “out” more now, I like to keep them up! In the off season, I still tend to them; exfoliate and buff every shower, soak, cut and file, and clear polish!

So, I’m always on the look out for new and exciting colors! This weekend, I stumbled upon 3! One was free because the lil’ asian lady didn’t know how to give me my $ back, so she just told me to go pick out another one! We like Free.99 all day!

One is a dark green, jade color…great for toes! Second is a bronze color..also great for any season on my toes! The third is a SPECIAL edition O•P•I! The base color is a nude-ish, taupe-ish color with super fine iridescent glitter in it! Soooo pretty and subtle for my nails!!

Can’t wait to update my pedicure! Right now I’m rockin’ the 3 in one red, yellow and green Rasta toes! A Katy Original! I knew the nail lady would not understand, so I brought my own artist rendering…baahahahaha!!!


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