Self-Proclaimed Fat Kid; LB Street Food Festival!

The day I have been looking forward to for weeks, is finally here!!

Here’s the “minor deets”; beautiful day in the LBC, lots of food trucks, hungry tummies, fundraiser for Teachers! What more can you ask

Let me preface by saying, I love food and I love my city! Most of these trucks do NOT frequent LB, so when I heard about this shindig, I was ecstatic that I didn’t have to go to LA to try all these treats!!

Here’s what the BF and I had:

The Grilled Cheese Truck!
I was MOST excited about this truck! Buuuuut, the line was redic! Luckily, the BF spotted our neighbor near the front of the line! I skipped up there, said hello, made small talk…low and behold, they offered to get our sammich!! Whew, what a come-up! I decide on the Melt with Macaroni and Cheese, Pulled Pork and Carmelized Onions! I don’t eat onions, but I took one for the team!

Let me tell you, that was the BEST thing we ate all day! Not too greasy, the french bread was toasted to golden perfection and the carmelized onions were sweet! Oh em gee, I am in love! Let’s just say I would make the drive to LA for this truck! Although, I hope they decide to add us to their itinerary!

Great Balls on Tires!
BF loves meatball sandwiches, so this was a must stop truck! We decided upon the “Incrediballs”! BTW, we loved all their tricky names! We waited over 20 minutes for our mini-sammies, but hit up beer and the next truck while we waited, no biggie!

Incrediballs is a bacon wrapped meatball (kobe beef) with arugala and garlic aoli!! I could eat 10 of these puppies! To die for! So moist and flavorful, worth the wait!

Cool Haus
A recommendation from the friendly neighbor mentioned above!! Bacon ice cream? Really? Hmmmm…don’t knock it ’til you try it! Picture it…two chocolate chip cookies with bacon ice cream in the middle! Oddly enough, the bacon was crunchy! Great experience! But, I must say that I was disappointed that the sandwiches were so small! Still YUM-O though!

PS…I thought their truck was the cutest!

Slice Truck
Simple. Pizza. Hot Garlic..cheesy, garlicky, spicy and tasty! Great with my frosty Sierra Nevada that I was drinking! Another perk!? No line and quick service!

So, this is Kogi’s rival! Hmmmph, I’ll be the judge of that! 2 beef tacos please, stat! There was a long wait and a bit of confusion with a lost ticket (they lost mine)! When, we finally got the tacos, we devoured them! Korean bbq beef was tender and was overall yummy! Does it measure up to Kogi? Not so much! In my mind, Kogi is on the highest pedestal! I think its the slaw! Calbi also uses a sprinkle of cheese, which I liked!! Few points for Calbi! Make you own assessment!


I forgot about the GREASY WEINER TRUCK!

We had a chili cheese dog with saurkraut and a pickle. Another first for me…saurkraut! Not tooo bad! I liked it! I made sure to taste the “wiener” by itself too! WOW, so good!! I can’t believe that I forgot this at the original time of the post!! I would mos def have this again! Perhaps a dog with bacon? Do you see a trend? 🙂




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