may need to amputate!

What an eventful week!

Monday, I come back to work and Cleo doesn’t look too good! I try to feed her to no avail! She looks skinny and her skin/scales are pretty dark! I clean up her cage and try to feed her again!! NOTHING! I pick her up and her guts are hanging out of her butt!

I immediately call the Reptile Store! They give me Dr. Greek’s phone number, a vet that specializes in exotics. I get all the way to Yorba Linda, 45 minutes from my job and everyone was so helpful! They pushed her intestines back in and sewed her butt back up!

Next comes the 2 oral meds!! Dr. Greek showed me how to get her mouth open and it looked pretty easy! First night was tricky but no big deal! Last night?! Yea…not so much!!!

Cleo bit the shit outta me! She clamped down on the end of my pointer fingertip! It hurt so bad, I nearly passed out! She bit through my fingernail and cut the otherside! My fingertip has. Been numb since!

Carlton came last night because I was wigging out! That made me feel more at ease! All in all, I am still a girl!! So, I wanted to wait until the morning to see if the numbness went away! Sure enough, it didn’t! Sooooo, off to Kaiser I go! Everything A.O.K, jus gave me antibiotics because she broke through the skin!!

Whew!!! The week can only get better…


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