Friday was the hottest day of the Summer thusfar. After work, I had a hankering for a Disney Adventure! Call up Mamers and Kylie…they’re always down!! All goes as planned, without a hitch!! I even decidied to ride Splash Mountain, a way to cool down, without getting mega-splashed like on the Rapids ride! Great idea, riiggghht?

Wrong!! we get 3/4 of the way through the ride when it stops!! No worries, maybe some Cripple Critters had to get on and there was a delay!! Ohhh no, not the case!! We had to disembark and walk down! In all my Disney Adventures, this has NEVER happened to me!!

Ohhhh, the things we saw!! A 7 foot pile of hundreds of bags of recyclables, a tangled mess of concrete and rebar that makes up the mountain, the controls for the ride, scaffoldings….oh dear!!

Needless to say…some of the magic is gone!!

On the verge of Drop 1...2 cars ahead of us!

On the verge of Drop 1…2 cars ahead of us!


Finding our way back to Civilization…

We’re freeee….


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