home sweet home?

As a child, I lived in ONE house!! From the time I was born until shortly after my mom passed away in 2004! Twenty eight years in one place, talk about stability!!

Will I be fortunate enough to offer my child the same sort of stability? I know I will probably not stay in just ONE place forever, but I do not want to bounce around! I can only hope for the best with my “hamhocks!”

After we sold our childhood home, a realtor flipped it! The 2nd family in our house did NOT take care of it! They ended up losing it, and left it in shambles! NOW, it appears that there is a family at 2364 that takes pride in our old house! I often drive by, on my way home from work!! Cedar Block just feels like home! Yes, the neighborhood has changed, alotta different faces….but I will always call it home!! All of my childhood memories are in this lil’ house…. 

3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, huge backyard...I miss my house!!!

3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, huge backyard…I miss my house!!!


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  1. 😦 i miss it too.

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