it comes to an end…

The Weekend Wrap UP!!

      I went into this lovely 3day weekend with only one real thing  on the agenda!! ScotFest 2010!  That was great fun! Always a  good time to watch the Wicked Tinkers!! Oh, but the sunburn? Not good times!

The spontaneity of all the rest just enhanced the weekend!! 


Let’s see there was …

* a hour long walk with Otis to the beach

*movie night with Mamers

*much needed ♥ to ♥ with Carlton

*Disneyland and California Adventure with Sara

*a great workout at the gym

*impromptu make-up advisory shopping excursion with Sara


Nothing TOO exciting, but good times nonetheless!  I’m ending this weekend with candles and calm! Here’s to a great weekend and many more…



(cheers to good health in Gaelic)


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  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

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