good intentions….

Ok, so I got a Sephora gift card email!! The caveat? I have to spend at least $35 to get $15 off! So, I'm thinkin, "I can afford 20 bucks!". I went there with the intention of getting Sara's Christmas present and maybe squeezing something small in for me!! Rrrrrrrright, that didn't happen!!

I found Sara's foundation brush first and it was $30! Yikes!! I was cntent with that UNTIIIIIIIL, I came across a gleaming beam of light from the LORAC section!! Could it be? A new palette of eye shadows? I already have the other 2 in the collection from previous years!! So how could I deprive myself of a complete set? It was $37! 😦

I took them both to the register and was devasted when my total after the gift card was still over $50!! I brought them both home, but have since changed my mind!! I'm gonna take the brush back!! Lord, I apologize…

Buuuuut, now that I think…maybe I should keep it because I don't have a BDAY present for her yet!! Jeeeezus, I hate being broke….


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