handy dandy notebook #5

on occasion, at rest time, at school, I grab my handy dandy notebook and get to writing!! this was originally written on 12/11!
As Christmas fast approaches, I am reminded of a lot…
**I have NO money! As much as I love to do for others, I can’t anymore.
I purely get joy from buying things for others. This year is a bit more tricky.
My money is super short!!
**I miss my mom! Yesterday was the day, five years ago that she finally decided that she couldn’nt take the pain anymore. We took her to the ER.
What a five years this has been! Full of ups and downs. Truthfully, most were DOWNS! 😦
**I have nil Christmas spirit. I thought I could get into it this year.
I put up lights and a wreath, but that’s it. Maybe it boils back down to the above…no money and remembering the pain of 5 years ago!
I am confident that I will get past all of this. I am just emotional and impatient!
Tis the season…
who knows?

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