the sound of calm…

when i came home from work today, i noticed that the fan was filthy. so, i decided to tweek on it and try to clean it. i did my best and came back inside. i did not turn it back on. i don’t think the fan has been off for at least 2 weeks…so i’m used to the constant whirrrrring sound.

as i relax, i can hear things outside that i don’t normally hear, or just don’t pay attention too. there’s alot going on out there…but i’m just being still, maintaining my calm. after a long, busy and loud day…

i hear…
an annoying laugh,
jangling keys,
utensils to plates,
baby crying,
car in the alley,
dog feet in the courtyard,
stomping above my head,
mailboxes being slammed,
the exhale of cigarette smoke,
gate slamming,
water hitting pavement,
and birds squacking.

time may stand still in apartment 19 but “out there”? life still goes on!


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