First of many…

This past weekend, Carlton and I went on an impromptu, mini stay-cation to San Diego! Rather than give a play by play, I’m going to post memories! Many may not make sense to readers, but they are for me to remember and reflect!

Memories, Laughs, and Experiences!

~ Whore! You are going to have ZEBRA babies!

~Mr. Step Up

~I got me one! Rock Bottom! 6 Footer! I’m gonna do her!

~Why is her ass out?

~2am hotdogs!

~Funyuns? Where did these come from?

~All things BLUE! 🙂

~Bronx Pizza

~Being so close but feeling like we were in another world!

~Henry’s Pub
~Suicide Hotline!

We had the best time! I can truly say that we enjoy each other’s company! I feel like I have gained a new best friend in him. I can be myself and he loves it! I love him! I can’t wait to make more memories!
Some photos to savor the memories…


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