Father? Dad? hmmmm…

On a previous post, I posted about spending Father’s Day with my dad. Indeed, I did! I know, I am posting late…oh well! Call it procrastination, at its best!

The sibs and I took my dad on the Aqua Link boat that cruises all around the bay. It was about an hour ride with just a few stops. What a fun time! It was a surprise to my dad and he was sooooo happy to see all of us together! It is a rare occasion for all of us to be with him. After our last destination, we walked over to Famous Dave’s BBQ!! He loved it! Then, to walk off all the tasty ‘Q, we walked over to Shoreline Village! It was a good day, very hot but GOOD TIMES!

We all got sunburned and it turns out that my dad had to go to Urgent Care the next day because he had a bad reaction to the sun! Actually semi-burned his eyes! He’s better now, we need to take better care of ourselves.

I often go back and forth about my relationship with my dad! He was never really a father to me. I disagree with alot of his choices when it comes to my mom. I do not appreciate him trying to “step up” and parent me after my mom has passed. I want to say that I needed him when I was younger, but I don’t know if that’s true! I have nothing to compare to, my mom did a wonderful job and wore the mom AND dad hat! However, I still want to have a relationship with him. I know he’s torn up about not having the ideal relationship with me. I don’t want to lose him, not having had a relationship with him. I know the ball is in my court and I am taking baby steps! Can’t just let him ALL THE WAY back in so quick! It’s gotta be on my terms. Sounds rough, but I’m scorned! DEAL! 🙂


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