delaying the inevitable…

I suffer from clutter-itis!

I can now admit it! I am working to get better. Saturday, I got a bug in my butt and tackled the bedroom! Two reasons: it needed to be done and I wanted to make space for HIS stuff too! 🙂

First, I weeded out 3 trash bags full of clothes that I have not worn in FOREVER. Out of site, out of mind! Next on the agenda, take all my “skinny jeans” and put them up above the closet in the storage cupboard. I will not eliminate them from my wardrobe yet. I must have at least 10-15 pair of jeans that are only 1 size down from where I am now! Very attainable! That alone, create a huge space. I also put the wedding dress up there! Even more space!

It took me several hours, but I felt so good when I was done! While we were out and about, we dropped the clothes off at Out of the Closet. I went there once looking for a quick country western themed outfit and everyone was real helpful. I love that the proceeds and donations go toward AIDS research and whatnot! So, I cleaned and did a good deed! What a good way to honor MOM for Mother’s Day! She would be so proud! Miss you mom!

****ohhh and because I cleaned out some stuff, I found a $25 gift card for Sephora thatI did not even know I had! LMAO!!****


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